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Martian House: Fic by schmevil - Policies

Blanket Disclaimer
All stories posted here are works of derivative fanfiction - I don't hold the copyright to the characters or settings, and I make no money off of them.

I warn for explicit sex and graphic violence. I also note canon compliance (Pre OotP, S2/3). If you think a story needs a warning, let me know.

Is great! I welcome both squee and concrit. You can leave a comment or message me.

Is totally cool. You're welcome to use my fic in rants, reviews, commentaries and meta. You can remix it, write sequels, or make podfics. Credit me so that I get my share of the glory, and try to let me know. Otherwise it's all fair game.

I don't maintain a flist for this journal, but you are of course welcome to friend martianhouse. Same goes for linking.

Please ask before archiving any of my stories.

My non-fic self can be found at schmevil.

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Avengers: Shelter

Title: Shelter
Author: schmevil
Summary: Tony is Carol's sponsor, but there are miles to go before they're really friends. Five drabbles.
Characters: Carol, Tony
Word Count: 500

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Avengers: After H(+)spital

Title: After H(+)spital
Author: schmevil
Summary: Tony's friends bring him home from the hospital after the events of Execute Program. They have questions.
Characters: Steve, Tony, Happy, Pepper
Word Count: 5422
Notes: H+ = transhumanism. I started this about a year ago, and only recently picked it up again.

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SPN: The Weight

Title: The Weight
Author: schmevil
Summary: Dean goes for a drive. (Post Swan Song).
Characters: Dean (Lisa and Ben)
Word Count: 437

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SPN: Sweet Enough

Title: Sweet Enough
Author: schmevil
Summary: Sam watches the sunset.
Characters: Sam
Word Count: 342
Notes: Written in response to something Kijikun said, sometime.

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SPN: Castiel tries to give Sam a hug

Title: Castiel tries to give Sam a hug
Author: schmevil
Summary: See title.
Characters: Castiel, Sam
Word Count: 478
Notes: Written for the CuddleCommentFic Meme. Cleaned up a bit since posted here.

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Avengers: Like A Bond Girl

Title: Like A Bond Girl
Author: schmevil
Summary: When Pepper met Carol.
Characters: Pepper, Tony, Carol, Rhodey
Word Count: 1580
Notes: A quickie attempt to integrate Carol into the Iron Man movieverse. Just for fun, really.

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Avengers: The Sea Ice: -1.8 °C (28.8 °F)

Title: The Sea Ice: -1.8 °C (28.8 °F)
Author: schmevil
Summary: O brave new world, that has such people in it.
Characters: Stephanie Rogers, original Avengers
Word Count: 2285
Notes: Always-a-girl!Cap. First in a series of shorts.

I started this for the Cap_Ironman exchange circa a million months ago, but got sick and sort of let this go for a while. So this is for my originally intended recipient muccamukk

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SPN: Wolf Like Me

Title: Wolf Like Me
Author: schmevil
Summary: Meg takes Bela of the rack.
Characters: Bela/Meg
Word Count: 4132
Notes: Written for darkmagic_luvr by way of spn_fs_exchange. Originally posted here

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HP: Your Sweet Time

Title: Your Sweet Time
Author: schmevil
Characters: Severus Snape, Lilly Evans Potter
Word Count: 528 [poem]
Notes: Written for parsimonia, by way of help_haiti

1. Workroom, Early Morning

His first instinct is to prepare enough for two,
Nearly twenty years after the fact.
The extras and leftovers go into jars,
preserves and stores, labeled to the second and micro-second:
On this day I peeled; on this day I cleaned; on this day I stirred.
On this day, like every other day, I remembered her:
hating, loving, having. Nothing wasted
in the exercise of his least favorite muscle,
justifiable, rational, rationalized -
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HP: Business Or Pleasure

Title: Business Or Pleasure
Author: schmevil
Summary: Eddie Carmichael conducts business in the library. Cho does not approve.
Characters: Eddie Carmichael, Cho Chang, Marietta Edgecombe
Word Count: 2646
Notes: outlawpoet likes to call this Hogwarts Underground.

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